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A Woman of Passion & Purpose

By Wiley Sloan My Choice Home Care is predicated upon compassionate assistance to aging adults.  My Choice Home Care. operated by Tricia Wheeler, provides home care for aging adults. After receiving news of her grandmoth­er's Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, Tricia...

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What if your aging loved one chooses to live at home?

Aging in place is the dream of many senior citizens as they reach retirement. Living at home rather than at a health care environment can provide a great deal of comfort as they experience life changes that come with aging. A companion caregiver can be beneficial to...

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Hearing Loss and Quality of Life

In addition to vision loss, your aging loved one may be experiencing a decrease in their hearing. Hearing loss may cause cognitive decline and a decrease in your aging loved one’s quality of life. There are different types of hearing loss and each individual person...

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Dance in the Rain: Uncertainty in the Face of Aging

Accepting that life has changed for your family may prove difficult in the face of chronic illness or the changing quality of life of your aging loved one. Aging takes a toll not only on the ones growing older but also on the family of the aging loved one. Seeing that...

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Role Reversal

It can be hard for adult children to notice the hands that once made their favorite meal no longer able to open a can or the hands that held them stable as they learned to ride their bike, now shaking. Asking for help, asking for their children to hold onto them...

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Things Not to Say to Your Aging Loved One

A slip of the tongue or sharply delivered comment can deliver unnecessary pain for aging loved ones. It is easy to be irritated when Mom asks daily how to use the remote control or falls asleep in the middle of their grandson’s violin recital. It can hurt when Dad...

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Your Aging Loved One: Peace of mind in the face of dementia

Though each person with dementia may be affected differently, there are many ways that it affects people similarly. Some of these affects include: •Memory loss –particularly day-to-day memory, such as forgetting what happened earlier in the day, not being able to...

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Establishing Loving Connections with Your Aging Loved One

No matter the situations surrounding the health of your loved one, the fact is that you love them and want to provide the best life possible for them. Use your intuition to express your love for them. It will never fail, because you know them best and you know what...

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Safe-Proofing Bathrooms for Your Aging Loved One

Each time your aging loved one goes into their bathroom, the risk of injury is greater than you may realize. A bathroom which may have served as a perfectly functional and safe area in the past may now need to be re-evaluated for possible hazards. Bathrooms have...

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Are you concerned about an aging adult driving?

Often times, for aging adults one of the hardest things to deal with is the feeling of losing their independence. The ability to drive and transport themselves is often something they want to hold on to for as long as possible, even when it is not always safe. If you...

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