Seniors need to keep their dental health in check to enjoy basic quality of life. Elderly people may have specific challenges and risk factors as they grow old which could affect the health of their teeth. Knowing these elderly dental risks and adopting good oral health routines may prevent dental issues and problems.

senior dental health tips to prevent dental problems in elderlySome dental problems in elderly people include:

In the meantime, it is recommended to practice a good oral care routine.

Senior dental care means brushing your teeth with fluoride and flossing every day in order to remove plaque and bacteria that can cause gum disease if left in the mouth.

One of the most frequent worries from seniors is denture usage. To keep your mouth healthy and pain free, denture care and maintenance is crucial.

Some important steps for denture care include:

  • Cleaning denture and inside of mouth after each meal
  • Brush your dentures daily
  • Soak overnight
  • Avoid hard candies and chewy candies
  • Reduce and softly chew nuts and chips

Practicing good oral hygiene is an essential part of healthy aging.

Caregivers and family members should as well help with elderly and oral health. Assist with those who may find it hard to brush teeth or care for dentures independently. Here are more helpful tips for oral health care practices in aging adults.

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