No matter the situations surrounding the health of your loved one, the fact is that you love them and want to provide the best life possible for them. Use your intuition to express your love for them. It will never fail, because you know them best and you know what has made them happy in the past. Your presence can make a world of difference for your aging loved one. If you communicate instinctually, your relationship with your aging loved on can grow even though they might not have the functions they once did. Whether it’s taking them to their favorite coffee shop or sitting and listening to them tell the stories of their life, you know what will make them feel your love.

Hearing and sight loss is common among the aging population, so it is important to consider speech when addressing somebody who is going deaf or blind. If you have a strong relationship with somebody, close proximity to earshot or their line of vision allows them to make a connection with your presence, so that they can pick up on cues such as your body language, your scent, your voice and your movements. This allows them to feel a sense of empowerment in establishing their surrounding environment. You may have to speak more loudly, but being mindful of tone is important. When speaking to somebody who is hard of hearing, it’s important to not to shout at the person, but speak at a slightly louder volume that still uses the same inflection as if speaking at a normal level. Your aging loved one may feel self-conscious, demeaned or as though they are being an irritation for not being able to hear properly if they feel shouted at.

One sense that never diminishes is the sense of touch. Comfort and love can be expressed through something as simple as massaging lotion on your aging loved one’s hands. Sometimes just a hug or holding your aging loved one’s hand can make them feel safe and secure. Touching the soft skin of a brand new grandbaby or perhaps the plush fur of their favorite pet can provide an atmosphere of love and contentment that no amount of words can express.

Remember while you are caring for your loved one, you are going through something that might be painful for you as well. Seeing your loved one with limitations may make you sad. It’s important to care for yourself as you care for your aging loved one. Take time for yourself but also take time to show your aging loved one how special they are to you. A hug from mom is just as special as an adult as it was when you were a little girl. There is no love like the love that family and friends share for one another. In the midst of stress and uncertainty, make sure that love stays at the heart of each moment.