Winter Weather Safety Tips for Seniors

Preparing for winter weather can be a daunting task, especially for seniors living alone. Elderly persons are generally at a higher risk of airway infections and viruses due to an already lowered immune system, but the physical conditions of winter pose serious fall risks as well.

If you are making a plan covering winter safety for seniors you love here are strategies on staying safe this winter season. 

  •  Prepare for Icy Conditionswinter weather tips for elderly

Falls and injuries from falls are the number one cause of death in seniors ages 65 and older. Common injuries from falls may include wrist and hip fractures, head trauma, open wounds and skin tears. A good rule of thumb to prevent slipping is to wear non-skid shoes if you must go out, but waiting until the ice is gone is an even safer bet.

  • Enrich Your Diet

Many people suffer from an insufficiency of Vitamin D during the winter, as they spend more time indoors. This deficiency can lead to depression, fatigue, hair loss, and muscle weakness, which in turn increases a risk of falls. Certain foods rich in Vitamin D may bolster your levels, preventing these health concerns, such as tuna and salmon, milk, oranges, and fortified grains and cereals.

  • Prepare Your Homewinter weather tips for seniors

Always take good stock of your medications if there is a risk of dangerous weather conditions in your area. Make sure you have food that can be prepared in case of power outages, such as canned soup or sandwich items. Keep a supply of warm blankets and flashlights, along with batteries. If you have wood stoves or fireplaces, ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have new batteries and are in working condition. Keep your cell phone fully charged and have a back up power bank in case of emergencies. 

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