The Emergence of Intergenerational Senior Living

For ages, intergenerational senior living was a standard practice in culture.  In many countries, this model has been slowly fading away as the younger adults want independence and the older adults started moving into retirement communities or care facilities.

Today, there are hints of the revival of multigenerational living. Communal living is proving to be more cost efficient. Parents are moving in with their children. Adult children are increasingly living at home to save money as living expenses become unbearable in today’s economy.

The financial benefits of intergenerational living are hard to overlook.

Families are pooling resources due to the explosion in housing costs especially in the cities. Younger adults can live cheaply as caregivers while they save for their own homes. Seniors can be subsidized for living expenses by the incomes of their family members.

Multigenerational households also help in cost sharing with utilities, groceries, and any other household bills.

There are cultural changes that are reflected in the increases of intergenerational living.

multigenerational families living togetherThe practice is still very much alive In a lot of immigrant communities. There is the gain in the respect for the elderly, and the rejection in the status quo of a 20th century age-segregated society.

The existence of such intergenerational senior living environments is considered as a positive factor in child development and the health of older people.

With the cost of living, isolation and work-life balance all on the rise, it seems that living together with different generations is an attractive alternative that is coming back in vogue.

This tradition could be a solution to preserving family unity while rationally using the communal resources. There are many examples and models to study as you make this decision for your family.

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