Strokes can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone. It also means that every stroke survivor recovers at different rates, depending on many different factors.

However, there are ways to encourage “neuroplasticity,” or to give your brain a boost in growth that can make stroke recovery more efficient.

Guidance for Recovering from a Stroke:

  • heal stroke symptoms with these tools and exercisesRepetition is essential in recovering lost skills due to a stroke. Repetition helps to rewire the brain and overcome memory loss by providing stimulation. Some repetitive movements such as leg exercises may help a survivor regain the ability to walk again.
  • On the other hand, don’t overdo it. The body and brain do need rest to heal stroke symptoms, and overexertion can extend your road to recovery.
  • Even if you are unable to do certain physical stroke recovery exercises, give it a try anyway, as long as it’s safe. Does tying your shoelaces seem impossible? Keep trying, and don’t get discouraged. These skills will be hard to recover if you refuse to try.
  • If speech is an issue, use mobile apps to improve! There are many apps online that are good for speech therapy, using repeat-back technology to gauge words and sounds, and offer encouraging tips.
  • Use respite care. There are resources available to seniors and those in need of some extra care, or help for their family that are also caregivers. Look into local in-home service agencies that can provide aides to help around the house, or with personal care needs, such as bathing or grooming.

Recovery isn’t a straight line. There may be dips, regressions, or plateaus, but don’t give up!  Stay consistent, and stay positive during your stroke healing journey.

At home stroke recovery can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. Understand and accept that recovery takes time. Develop your healing practice by building a practical stroke recovery timeline.

Make a promise to yourself of being gentle and compassionate with your body and mind. This is  foundational to overcoming the obstacles that a stroke presents. If you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, ask for help. And when help is offered, it’s okay to accept.

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